Richardson, Texas

I have bought furniture from Rooms to go and I have had an excellent experience with the purchase and delivery. My family has purchased furniture from Rooms to go and they love it. The delivery guys were great and quick.

I've read some of the comments made about the company... and the only thing I can say is that every company has their flaws and the fact is there is not a company out there that is perfect. So get over it. We are all human, so sitting here giving a full on explanation as to why "rooms to go sucks" is sad and pathetic. We have all had bad experience somewhere. Its life.

I've had a bad experience at Conn's would you like me to go on and on about that? no.

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Yes, I would like you to go on about Conn's. Because I actually think the name Conn's suits their practices totally as everything they do is a ***!


GO BACK TO WORK WASTINGTIME!!!!! You have another customer to sell JUNK to.


I agree!!!!!!!!!!!! ROOMS TO GO SUCKS!


Interesting Wastingtime joined the day this comment was made on the 28th.. They only commented on Rooms to Go, hmmm wonder if wastingtime works there???


You are right. I've never met a flawless company.

But, this website is an avenue for consumers to discuss sales experiences that were not pleasant or "up to standard". When we purchase items with an exchange of money and warranties, we expect service that is standardized. When a person or company does not follow those standards, then someone will be dissatified. If I had not agreed to pay for the furniture, then RTG would have grounds to take action against me.

This is our way of "taking action".

My suggestion for you would be to stay off of websites that you find offensive. (And go back to your job at RTG).