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About 3 years ago I brought a pillow top mattress from Rooms to Go in Forest Park Ga, I paid over $1,000.00 for it.It had a manufacturers warranty to last for 10 years with no sagging in the middle, well here I am 5 years into this mattress and it is sagging in the middle, very uncomfortable.

I get my receipt and call Rooms To Go and inform them of the problem. They send a mattress inspector to my home within 5 days to see if it's a manufactures problem with the mattress. He checks and see the sagging in the middle and state its a manufactures issue and he will notify headquarters of my issue. Now keep in mind we are not big nor heavy people the mattress just keeps getting a sag in the middle.

About 3 day go by and I hear nothing from (RTG)I call and they said someone will call me back with the discussing on my mattress. I get the call, and I was told it was a manufactures defect, but headquarters will no replace the mattress. I ask why he stated they didn't say, I ask for something in writing and he said he will have to get back to me. Needless to say I was told to file another claim in 90 days.

Okay I have purchased many items from (RTG) and I will never again buy anything from them. I have informed my family and friend not to support (RTG) they will say anything to make a sale and will not honor a warranty. I am truly disappointed in their *** poor service at this point. I tried to call the (HQ) office but no returned calls.

Attempted to speak with the store manager whom seems to be out every time I call. Thanks for nothing.

I will burn my current mattress and purchase another from a honest company, I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau to report Rooms To Go.

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I am also have sagging problem with my mattress I bought a little over 3 years ago. I don't understand why RTG sell cheap mattress for high prices.


we are having this issue. the manufacturer (Simmons) takes no responsibility if the place your purchase the mattress is still in business "dealer responsibility"


More511, I see you got a request for you info to help above from Rooms ToGo. I am curious if they indeed ever helped you fix this issue?


I to have a mattress that came from RTG.It's a memory foam mattress.

When you get on it you sink to the box springs. Just because it doesn't sag when empty they will not warranty this 5 year old mattress.

They sure didn't have a problem taking my money but when it's time to do the right thing they don't know how.:(


I am having the exact same problem right now.I bought a mattress a hear and a half ago.

It was sagging over 2 inches. After some time and many phone calls they replaced the mattress. Of course I had to pay a delivery charge. 1 month after receiving the new mattress it did the same thing.

I have now been sent back and forth between the store and customer service for 6 months and my mattress is getting worse.They never return phone calls and don't want to help.


Why don't you call the manufacturer?If you get a rat in a coke can you don't call the vending machine people - you call Coke.

If you want a fix you need to contact the ones who can fix it.:?


Moore511 - I'd like to hear more about your case and also see the service report that the technician filed. If you don't mind emailing your account details (phone number and/or order number) to we can investigate it further. We hope to hear from you soon

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