Pompano Beach, Florida

Purchased a power recliner with sleeper. Delivered partial on the 21st due to recliner not being soldered on properly.

We refused the sleeper only to be told that another sofa wouldn't be available until the 27th of December because it was NOW discontinued. Waited an hour and a half for the 2nd delivery. Approximately a month later, we receive a voicemail asking us to return their call regarding our couch. After calling, was told that the couch was under recall due to a fire hazard and to unplug it for 2 weeks while they come up with a solution.

After calling corporate, I was accosted by the rudest individual known to man by the name of David Schermy. He refused to let me speak with a manager after numerous attempts to speak to one. He would not let me explain my situation and argued with me for 15 minutes during a work week on why he couldn't help me. Finally, I was told that he was transferring me to a manager who so magically appeared, and hung up the phone on me!

During this time, my husband was calling rooms to go's local store from where we purchased and customer service told him on that same day, 2 different stories on why they were inept. After that, I was forced to wait another day to contact rooms to go because their claims department is only open until 4pm! After much waiting and being transferred again and again, I spoke to a woman by the name of Lisette. She informed me that she would coordinate the return of the couch and would call me prior to issue a full refund on my credit card.

Lisette never called, and I once again had to call rooms to go and inquire about my refund. I was then told, after another round of apologies, that I would receive a refund no more than a week. Well, that time has come and gone, and not even a phone call was made to follow up! I do not understand why I should have to be inconvenienced yet again, by not receiving my money as promptly as rooms to go coordinated the return of the *** sofa!

I now have no money to buy another sofa because Rooms to go has YET to issue my refund. I have yet to receive even an automated response as to the status of the couch being received nor the whereabouts of my refund that was promised to be issued promptly on my card. This is bad business at its finest. I will NEVER recommend this company for anything.

They are completely useless.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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