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Our family has been loyal Rooms To Go customers. In a one-week period, our family has purchased a bedroom set and a dining room set.

On December 6, 2015, we purchased a very nice dinette set from Rooms To Go and was not able to have it delivered until Thursday, December 17. We were given a delivery window of 12:00-4:00 PM on December 17. I received a call at 2:00 PM while at work and was informed that the drivers were running a little behind and that my delivery should arrive between 3:30 PM and no later than 5:30 PM. The drivers arrived around 6:00 PM. Two of the items were damaged, the leg on one of the curved benches was broke and then about 5 minutes later the driver told my husband, he had another problem, the door on the server was broke. After hearing this, we decided to go the Glenwood Avenue store where we purchased the dining room set to see what could be done, since at that point we were very unhappy customers, and also to find out when we can get the replacement bench and server. We were referred to the manager, Cornelius Kirk. I explained to Mr. Kirk exactly what happened and he said “I am listening” and then after I finished explaining the situation to him, his response was that there was nothing they could do. He was very nonchalant, regarding the broken items, with an “I could care less” attitude. I was furious at that point and walked away to the front entrance of the store while my husband continued to speak with him, with no recommendations from the manager. He did not make any attempt to find an alternative for us. I guess to appease us, he stated he would call my husband the next day around 11:00 AM to provide us with a delivery date. However, we did not receive a call from him the next day. We figured we would need to find an alternative ourselves.

Before we could come up with an alternative, I received a call from customer service asking how our delivery went. I provided her with exactly what happened and that we were very unhappy at this point. I explained to her that the manager, Cornelius Kirk, at the Glenwood Avenue store in Raleigh, NC was of no help at all…to him it seems as if customer satisfaction means absolutely nothing. She stated she was very sorry for our experience and that their customers are very important to them. She stated she would credit us back the delivery/set-up charge and that she would schedule the delivery of the bench and server. She also stated we would not be able to receive our items until the following week, which was the week of Christmas and then she said she was sorry but they will not be able to deliver during the week of Christmas, but could deliver the week of December 28. That totally upset me since we purchased this dining room set on December 6, the first delivery didn’t happen until December 17, and the replacement for the damaged items could not be delivered until the week of December 28; 22+ days later. This was unacceptable.

She then mentioned that they have two warehouse locations, and I then asked if we could go and pick-up the items. She stated yes we could; they have a warehouse in Charlotte, NC (which is 2 ½ hours from where we live) and Dunn, NC (which is about 40 minutes from where we lived). I stated we would like to go to the Dunn warehouse and pick them up. She scheduled us for Sunday, December 20 for pick-up. Why couldn’t Cornelius Kirk offer this alternative to us?

On December 23, 2015 – The Rooms To Go technician arrived within the delivery window and was not aware of what she was putting together. I explained what happened and she asked if anyone was here to help her remove the server parts from the box; my grandson helped her remove the server base out of the box, as my husband had not made it home from work at that time. It did take a little time to put the server together. She completed the assembly and was getting ready to leave our home, leaving all the cardboard on our living room floor; we asked her don’t they normally remove the packaging and she stated she didn’t know if she had room in her truck. She did take the cardboard remains to her van and my husband notice the recycling truck was coming around and he asked if they wouldn’t mind taking the cardboard away, which they did. I was not aware of when the technician left (she left our home without letting me know she was leaving), but I was told by our neighbor that the technician asked her not to park her car that close to her van. Mind you, the technician actually parked in my neighbor’s parking spot. So, we had to in turn, apologize to our neighbor for the technician’s attitude.

I must say, the dinette is very beautiful, but the customer service, I would rate as very poor thanks to the manager at the Glenwood Avenue location. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being exceptional service, we would have to rate Rooms To Go a “2”. We feel it was a customer service/satisfaction failure that could have been avoided if the manager had attempted to resolve this issue.

• We had to talk to customer service.

• We found out, through customer service that there was a warehouse in Dunn, NC.

• We drove to Dunn and picked-up the replacement items that was damaged during the deliver.

• We, along with Customer Service, scheduled the technician to come out to our home to assemble the server. This could not be scheduled until three days later, December 23).

• My husband noticed that there was a truck located at the Glenwood Avenue store; within 1 ½ hours, that truck could have been driven to Dunn, picked up the items and returned to Raleigh, and they would have had a totally satisfied customer. We assume that was not a possibility and customer satisfaction is not a part of their Company Values.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Rooms To Go Pros: Beautiful dining room set.

Rooms To Go Cons: Uncaring attitude of the manager.

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This place is the worst.


I could not believe the nonchalant attitude of the manager. That will be my last purchase at Rooms To Go.


Sorry to hear about your experience. Your comments and concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel so that this can be addressed accordingly with the associates that you worked with. We sincerely apologize for the frustration that this has caused.