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giving these guys a bad review is pointless because im sure everyone knows how terrible they are by now but this is fun to me,purchased furniture on july/18/15. Delivery Date 7/28/15 at 8:41am.

Now i will say this was my first time buying furniture ever,for my first apartment and i guess i shouldve checked to see if everything was there before i signed for it,which i didnt in this case. signed for it at around 9:39am. My boyfriend and i realize the legs to the part of the sectional/sofa that extends out are not there so we called the same number that had called us mins before they showed up to our door at 9:23am NO RESPONSE again at 9:25am NO RESPONSE,call the main customer service number,lady says she'll contact the guys on the delivery truck and they'll come back within 1 to 2 hours. 12:41 PM 7/28/15 DELIVERY TRUCK HAS NOT COME BACK.

Call customer service AGAIN and they now say legs will get delivered to us. 7/31/15 Ups delivers package from rooms to go containing 2...might i say again...2 legs,1 sofa leg (NOT NEEDED,DIDNT ASK FOR) and 1 sectional leg (NEEDED 4 TOTAL) debated over the wekeend returning sofa i got. Call customer service monday willing to give yet another chance 8/3/15 around 12:00pm,boyfriend that called was on hold for 10 MINS,lady finally answered,asked for name then HUNG UP. Called AGAIN same day,was told that they would try to get us next day delivery,or at latest the legs would get here wed 8/5/15 by Ups.

7:37pm on 8/5/15 UPS HAS NOT ARRIVED WITH PACKAGE FROM ROOMS TO GO. Call customer service AGAIN to track my package that was a "supposed next day delivery" i get informed that the legs WILL NOW BE DELIVERED THUR OR FRI AT LATEST, I'm sorry,didnt you just say legs would get delivered Wed at latest?! so after contacting rooms to go 7 times over a period of 9 days...well i guess i can enjoy sitting on the right side of my sectional BECAUSE I STILL DONT HAVE WHAT I NEED.

thank you rooms to go (excuse my language) for the shittiest service ever. def wont be shopping with you guys ever again:) p.s if i dont get what i need by friday im sure the least you could do is give me back 100% of what i paid for if i decide to return instead of the usual alloted 80% but of course i guess you guys have to make money somehow;) so yall keep that 20% pathetic rooms to go.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. melitajane is quite happy with dining table and stated that there is a room for improvement of delivery is a joke and overall sloppiness of business. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service,problem with delivery,and price issue considering no one at rooms to go can do their job right." of sectional sofa and associated monetary loss in the amount of $800. Rooms To Go needs to "if i dont get what i need i want full refund for the sofa and anything else i decide to return. after all this,regardless if i get what i need,a price reduction on the sec,and of course as stated earlier and obvious root of problem,i want what i paid for" according to poster's claims.

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I would love to look into this and see what has been done. Would you be able to send me your order info to

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