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We went to Rooms To Go in Houston. After many hours of debating we finally found what we thought was the perfect fit.

We customized our entire living room and kitchen to coordinate around their couch. We found several other pieces to complement the couch and choose a color scheme that would work with our house, style and the couch we loved. We painted, bought new accent pieces, artwork, furniture and everything to complete our dream living areas. Delivery day comes after all our hard work, the couch and other pieces arrive.

The deliver men bring it in, damage our walls, they forget to deliver the rug and pillows, couch was damaged. We had to make several claims right from the start. The sectional came in three sections. Getting it replaced took several weeks.

Then 2 months later it starts to fall apart. Mind you we don’t have kids. It’s just my partner and I. We call customer service which is a joke.

They give you a run around. Then after serval attempts at reaching them the manager finally calls us back. They schedule for someone to come out and take a look at the damage. Another few weeks go by and the person comes to check out the damage.

Low and behold it seems this model which just came out this year, is being discontinued due to manufacturer error and issues. They tell me that they cannot replace the couch with the same one and I have to go and pick out a new one. Then they tell me that I have to pay for the taxes again and they wouldn’t be reimbursing be for that. What?!?

So another two weeks go by with us playing phone rage with customer service. We finally get someone to say we can get a full reimbursement. Now the fun part, we have to look for another couch that will fit not only our living room but the color scheme and style we worked so hard on coming up with and making happen. We spend more countless days, hours and weeks trying to find something that would work for us.

We drove all over the greater Houston are trying to find something, anything. We have no luck. Either what we find is too big or two small. Doesn’t come in a color that goes with EVERYTHING we worked to coordinate.

We find out that they will be replacing our model of couch with one very similar. The problem is no one has it in store. They don’t offer pictures to help you visualize it. There is one store that has it but it’s an hour and half way.

So we decide to take the drive. We get there and they have it. It’s not the same but it just might work. The only problem is they don’t have fabric swatches so you can see the different options.

Also this couch is more expensive. We eventually find another store another hour away that has a different color of this model but no swatches. So we drive out there. We decide to get it.

Now we have to change so much with our color scheme because the options they have clash with everything else we have at home. Now this means we have to change the wall color, area rug, pillows, throws and accent pieces. An utter nightmare. So we get on the phone with customer service.

Talk to managers. Talks to anyone that will hear us our. This whole nightmare is now going to cost us more money. We get them to give us a full reimbursement to use that money on whatever we want.

They said we could keep the pillow and rug. We end up spending $200 more, set up for delivery which will take about another month. Finally delivery day is here. I had to move around my work schedule and take another personal day (which I only get 5 a year) just so I could be here during their 4 hour window.

The delivery driver comes and is SO rude. He demands I give them back the pillows and rug they said I could keep. He was being loud and unacceptable the way he was speaking to me. He ends up just throwing the couch in the living room, scratches the wall (again), leaves plastic wrap and trash all over my house, yard and porch.

Then refuses to give me my pillows that I paid extra for. On top of all of that the couch was delivered damaged AGAIN. I then spend over an hour on the phone with customer service. No one once apologizes for the way I was treated or the situation.

Now they want to charge me an additional $80. I am beyond upset and angry with this company. Please whatever you do DO NOT give Rooms To Go your hard earned money. They don’t care about you.

They care about your money. They make you feel at fault for everything, are unapologetic and disrespectful. Their customer service is a joke. Their management doesn’t care.

I have never in all my years ever been treated like this by a company. It’s not like we are taking about a few dollars or a few hundred. I have given this company almost $4000 and invest countless days and weeks dealing with their problems.

Racked up miles on my car. Not to mention all the extra money I had to invest into redoing my living room to have it coordinate with a new couch I had no choice but to replace because the product they would (and still are selling) is defective.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rooms To Go Cons: Poor quality and bad customer service.

  • Bad Customer Service
  • Product Low Quality
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This is horrible to hear and certainly not the experience we expect any of our customers to have! This is beyond unacceptable, and we would love nothing more than the opportunity to address each of these failures accordingly and to ensure that your concerns are resolved to your satisfaction. Please email us the details of your order to TellUs@RoomsToGo.com, we hope to hear from you soon!


Well Rooms To Go, we have already done that. We have also talked to several people at corporate.

You say you want to resolve this but bring no real resolution. You say this matter is benign handled internally. I don’t care about that. You offer me a $50 store credit.

Geez that’s. That doesn’t even cover the paint for my walls that your delivery driver damaged. 16 inch gouge or the two dents. That doesn’t cover my carpet which you caused the seam to pull and now it is lifting up.

That’s doesn’t even remotely cover the mental and personal damage this whole situation has caused. It’s been 6 months of nothing short of a nightmare. I am not alone with my situation. Countless others have had similar situations.

You need to wake up, treat your customers better and TRULY find a way to make this right. What I want is a 100% full refund. What I want is the damaged repaired that YOUR company caused. What I want is to see action and change by your company.

You will NEVER see a dime of my money again. I will stay vigilant on my mission to share our story. To speak up for the people you have caused stressed too. You sell defective products and them make us the consumer have to deal with it.

We are the victims. You don’t care. So stop saying you do. If you do care and do want to resolve this, then make a greater effort and stand behind your claims and show us action.

Change your policies and procedures. Shame on you, Rooms to Go!


We certainly understand your frustration and we are truly sorry to hear of your negative experience. We would love to do our best to turn it around for you!

We just need you to send us your order info to TellUs@RoomsToGo.com in order for us to review this matter further. We look forward to hearing from you.


You have my information. I have been in contact with you for a very long time now.