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I bought my son's Ivy League bunk bed in July of this year. Between July to September there has been a total of 7 delivery attempts.

The first delivery was a complete disaster. It was two high school aged boys popping bubble gum that could barely lift the furniture. They hit the furniture on the staircase & took chunks out of the wall. Huge indentions & gashes were left on the furniture.

When setting up the bed I asked their opinion on which direction they thought it should go since they most likely had set the bed up before. The kid popped his bubble gum & said, "You tell me where you want it because once I start setting it up it's not moving." After calling to report this I was told they would have to send a tech out to look at it. When the tech arrived he wanted to touch it up to hide the scratches. I looked at him like he was crazy & said I did not just pay $2500 for a brand new bed for someone to have to come out & touch up the scratches.

He had to then call his manager to tell him the customer was refusing service. He ended up taking pictures of all the markings & verified it was indeed damaged. The mattress purchased as well was already damaged, sagging, & needing replaced. When calling to set up new delivery I was told there would be a fee for having the mattress picked up & properly disposed of.

I'm not responsible for the words that came out at that point. I set up the new delivery & pick up date & told them the same delivery guys would not be allowed at my house. On the second delivery attempt the furniture didn't even make it off the truck. The guy asked me to come out to the truck & take pictures for proof it was already damaged upon arrival.

Now at this point it was already supposed to be "red flagged" to be looked over by multiple supervisors before even going on the truck. Exact repeat the next delivery attmpts. There were huge scratches, staples down the front of the stairs from manufacturing, nails showing, & the colors did not match some pieces were dark cherry & other pieces a vibrant red brown color, etc. At this point customer service was asking if I wanted a refund or to pick out another bed.

Try explaining to a 9 year old the bedroom set he fell in love with & was so upset it was already damaged may have to give it back to go look elsewhere. I also tried dealing with the salesperson & supervisor that sold the bed. I told them I expected to be compensated for the 7 days of work missed for these delivery attempts & the giant four hour windows they give. They said they would refund the delivery fee which I have yet to see.

As far as the damaged wall from the first delivery they had some insurance people calling about it. Honestly at this point I just wanted to get the correct undamaged furniture to be delivered & them to leave me the *** alone.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Wow! This sounds like a nightmare. Would you be able to send me your order info to Tellus@Roomstogo.com?