Tyler, Texas
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Ridiculous. First, I get an email 11 days after my order was placed (on a Friday) saying that they cannot verify my address thru my credit card company.

So, immediately, I call to get it straight because delivery was set for the following Wednesday. The "verification" department wasn't there & I was promised a call THAT DAY. Never called. I called back around 5:30 & was told that I lost my delivery date, the verification department was gone, and I would have to wait until Monday.

I had movers scheduled to move mine & my daughters beds out of the house that Sunday & arrangements made to stay with a friend for those 3 nights. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to loose the $100 deposit I had already paid the movers. So they moved my stuff.

I thought it was only fair that Rooms To Go either get the furniture there on Wednesday or issue a refund for the delivery charge so we could afford a hotel in the meantime & also to cover the time I took off work for the delivery that I was going to have to take a 2nd time. They refused. I was called a liar. I was told they would rather issue a refund for the $3,400 I spend than credit me $200.

Every Time I spoke with them I was very polite other than when I was called a liar. So, I cancelled my order. This was on Feb. 20th.

It is now March 1st. I still have not received a refund. My daughter and I are sleeping on the floor. I've called and they tell me the refund was issued on such and such date, then I call back & they tell me a different date.

11 days with no refund. I can't order new furniture without it.

They were so rude, I will NEVER EVER shop there again and DO NOT recommend it to ANYONE for ANY REASON. They DO NOT CARE about their customers.

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WOW - I was thinking about purchasing furniture here. Glad I waited a day. Not only do all these complaints concern me, but these weak responses from Rooms To Go are even more disconcerting.


I believe that I recall your email, but cannot find it at this time. I was under the impression that the credit was being provided back towards your account. If there is any that we could do or reinvestigate the situation, please feel free to email us with the details again.