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Husband and myself visited the Myrtle Beach Rooms to go today to purchase a leather sofa....great selection of sofas. When we were to pay I issued a company check drawn on a local back...account established for over 15 years with no returned checks written.

The sales person said that our check was rejected by their check service but it had nothing to do with weather or not the funds were available...it had something to do with our check writing history, but she could not really explain it, but if we wanted to use our debit card that would work. She brought over another sales person who said the very same thing with the addition that they would normally call our bank, but the banks were closed so there was no other option. We have lived in Horry County all our lives and owned our own business for over 20 years. As with all business owners in this area we have had our ups and downs, but have never issued a check that would not be honored by our bank.

We promptly left Rooms to Go and went to Ashley Furniture...found a like sofa...spent $500 more and needless to say there was no issue accepting our check and delivery will be sooner than offered by Rooms to Go. We own a Landscaping business and local builders are our prime customers....I will be sure to share my experience with all our customers that are new home owners....not to go to Rooms to Go!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are lucky that you didn't buy anything from those scam artists. If you did, you would have been without money and without a sofa. Btw, ignore the negative comments, I am sure they are written by the rtg employees.


Why didn't you use debit card,because you didn't have the money.rtg uses a system that knows if the funds are available, Ashley does not.you paid 500 hundred more for a less quality sofa.good move Einstein


Also be sure to tell everyone that it cost you $500 more!!! Lol.

For furniture that is know to be made out of cheap compressed wood, lol.

Do your people a favor and don't tell them what you did, duh. Oh to late.


What you should share is stop writing paper checks. They leave you at risk for fraud. Businesses don't want to accept them.